THL Evaporation Station
Station Details
ID 1480
Name THL Evaporation Station
Remarks Atmometer
Water Basin
Water Division
Political Division GERMANY
Co-ordinates 53.83611, 10.69579
Owner University of Applied Sciences of Lübeck
Type Climatological [Κλιματολογικός]
Is Automatic False
Start Date 2019/03/27
End Date

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Station (Gentity) Events

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ID Name Type Manufacturer Model Start Date End Date
2366 Evaporation Module Stage recorder [Σταθμηγράφος]


ID Name Variable Time step Unit Remarks Instrument Start Date End Date
9698 Waterlevel - Class A Evaporation Pan Level Variable step cm Water level 2019/06/11 19:30 2019/06/12 11:30
9669 Evaporation Evaporation [Εξάτμιση] Daily [Ημερήσιο] - 1 day(s) mm/d Evaporation Module