Samos, Imbrasos, Myloi bridge
Station Details
ID 1449
Name Samos, Imbrasos, Myloi bridge
Remarks This station measures temperature (C°), water level (m) and pressure (kPa).
Water Basin Imbrasos [Ίμβρασος]
Water Division ΝΗΣΟΙ ΑΙΓΑΙΟΥ
Political Division GREECE
Co-ordinates 37.67900, 26.86877
Altitude 16.20
Owner University of Applied Sciences of Lübeck
Type Stage - Hydrometric [Υδρομετρικός]
Is Automatic True
Start Date 2017/02/25
End Date

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ID Name Type Manufacturer Model Start Date End Date
2347 LevelTroll Stage recorder [Σταθμηγράφος] Insitu LevelTroll 2017/03/25


ID Name Variable Time step Unit Remarks Instrument Start Date End Date
9599 Samos_MyloiBridge_Temperature Temperature Ten-minute [Δεκάλεπτο] - 10 minute(s) °C LevelTroll 2017/02/25 15:00 2018/04/24 16:57
9600 Samos_MyloiBridge_WaterLevel Level Ten-minute [Δεκάλεπτο] - 10 minute(s) m Raw distance from sensor to water surface. LevelTroll 2017/02/25 15:00 2018/04/24 16:57
9601 Samos_MyloiBridge_Pressire Barometric pressure [Ατμοσφαιρική πίεση] Ten-minute [Δεκάλεπτο] - 10 minute(s) - Pressure in kPa. LevelTroll 2017/02/25 15:00 2018/04/24 16:57