Heraion of Samos, well L 6 a - Heraion_Omega_Temperature

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ID 9587
Related Station Heraion of Samos, well L 6 a
Name Heraion_Omega_Temperature
Variable Temperature
Unit Of Measurement °C
Precision 3
Time Zone EET (UTC+0200)
Instrument LevelTroll
Start Date 2017/03/01 07:20
End Date 2018/04/24 11:34
Time stamps properties
Time scale Ten-minute [Δεκάλεπτο] - 10 minute(s)
Timestamp regularity Time step is strict
Timestamp rounding 0 minutes, 0 months
Time stamps reference Interval, Average value [Μέση τιμή]
Timestamp offset 0 minutes, 0 months