THL Landgraben Clinic
Station Details
ID 1436
Name THL Landgraben Clinic
Water Basin
Water Division
Political Division GERMANY
Co-ordinates 53.83321, 10.71438
Altitude 5.00
Owner University of Applied Sciences of Lübeck
Type Stage - Velocity - Hydrometric [Ροομετρικός - Σταθμημετρικός]
Is Automatic True
Start Date 2017/10/15
End Date

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ID Name Type Manufacturer Model Start Date End Date
2336 Rain recorder [Βροχογράφος] Isco 2105 2017/10/16
2335 Water level Stage recorder [Σταθμηγράφος] Isco 2105 2017/10/16


ID Name Variable Time step Unit Remarks Instrument Start Date End Date
9574 Stage Level Hourly [Ωριαίο] - 1 hour(s) cm Water level
9575 Velocity Water Velocity Hourly [Ωριαίο] - 1 hour(s) m/s Water level
9576 Discharge Discharge [Παροχή] Hourly [Ωριαίο] - 1 hour(s) m³/s Water level
9577 Rainfall Rainfall [Βροχόπτωση] Hourly [Ωριαίο] - 1 hour(s) mm 2336