KEREFYT Weather station


Last update: 01/07/2018 8:20 a.m.
Owner: National Technical University of Athens - Dept. of Water Resources and Env. Engineering

Installed at the research and development centre of the Athens Water Supply Company.

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ID Name Type Manufacturer Model Start Date End Date
2321 Rain gauge Rain recorder [Βροχογράφος] Pronamic Rain-O-Matic 2016/09/15
2323 Thermometer Thermometer [Θερμόμετρο] Campbell Scientifc 109
2320 Thermometer/Humidity Thermometer [Θερμόμετρο] Rotronic HC2-S3 2016/09/15
2322 Wind speed on roof Anemometer [Ανεμόμετρο] NRG 40C 2016/09/15