Alagonia - Rentifis watermill - Signal quality

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ID 9205
Related Station Alagonia - Rentifis watermill
Name Signal quality
Variable Signal quality SR50A
Unit Of Measurement -
Precision 0
Time Zone EET (UTC+0200)
Remarks Values between 152 and 210 indicate reliable measurements; between 210 and 300, reduced power; over 300, high uncertainty; zero, inability to measure, e.g. because of the target being too close to the sensor.
Instrument None
Start Date 2012/02/01 14:00
End Date 2013/07/06 17:15
Time stamps properties
Time scale Quarter - 0 day(s)
Timestamp regularity Time step is not strict
Time stamps reference Instantaneous values
Timestamp offset 0 minutes, 0 months