NTUA Campus
ID 6
Related Station NTUA Campus
Name Humidity sensor
Type Hydrograph
Remarks The sensor, apparently due to bad calibration, provides wrong measurements. Based on the common period of measurements of this sensor and the one with id=10, D. Koutsoyiannis devised the corrective formula RH=0.015*x^2-0.65*x+15, which provides the actual relative humidity RH of the air as a function of the measured humidity x. After correction with the formula, the humidity measurements seem to be generally consistent with those of the National Observatory of Athens at Theseum.
Manufacturer Aanderaa
Model 2820
Start Date 1993/09/30
End Date 1999/05/01
ID Name Variable Time step Unit Of Measurement Remarks Instrument Start Date End Date
228 Humidity (1993-1999) Humidity Ten-minute - 0 day(s) % Type: Raw data Humidity sensor 1993/09/30 11:20 1999/04/30 23:58