NTUA Campus
ID 11
Related Station NTUA Campus
Name Rainfall sensor
Type Rain recorder
Remarks This is a secondary sensor. Using its data is not recommended, except for periods when there are no measurements from the main sensor (until the time of writing of this note, 2002-09-13, there has been no such period). It has been found that it underestimates rainfall by about 20%. Sensor height from ground 2.40 m. According to the rainfall data from 2000-06 to 2006-06 from the two sensors (Rain-O-Matic and ARG100), it appears that the rainfall recorded by this sensor (Rain-O-Matic) is 86.9% of the rainfall recorded by ARG100. This value is the result of linear regression with zero constant term in the monthly rainfall values, and has a determination co-efficient d=0.991. This means that in order to get the value that would be measured by ARG100 we need to multiply the measurements of Rain-O-Matic by 1.15.
Manufacturer Pronamic
Model Rain-O-Matic
Start Date 2000/04/19
End Date
ID Name Variable Time step Unit Of Measurement Remarks Instrument Start Date End Date
234 Rainfall (second sensor, from 2000) Rainfall Ten-minute - 0 day(s) mm Type: Raw data Rainfall sensor 2000/04/19 15:10 2018/07/01 16:09